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Details Axis-Kamerahngekuppel-fr-Auenbereich-mit-Sonnenschutz-M3024-LVE-Network-Camera-M3025-VE-Network-Camera-M3026-VE-Network-Camera

Kamerahängekuppel für Außenbereich mit Sonnenschutz - für AXIS M3024-LVE Network Camera, M3025-VE Network Camera, M3026-VE Network Camera

96,29 EUR*
Details Scalable-Network-Monitoring-in-High-Speed-Networks

Network monitoring serves as the basis for a wide scope of network, engineering and management operations. Precise network monitoring involves inspecting every packet traversing in a network. However, this is not feasible with future high-speed ...

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Details Optical-WDM-Networks-Optical-Networks

Research and development on optical wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks have matured considerably. While optics and electronics should be used appropriately for transmission and switching hardware, note that "intelligence'' in any network ...

79,71 EUR*
Details Understanding-Large-Temporal-Networks-and-Spatial-Networks-Exploration-Pattern-Searching-Visualization-and-Network-Evolution-Wiley-Series-in-Computational-and-Quantitative-Social-Science-Band-1

This book explores social mechanisms that drive network change and link them to computationally sound models of changing structure to detect patterns. This text identifies the social processes generating these networks and how networks have evolved.

21,99 EUR*
Details Routing-of-Time-Sensitive-Data-in-Mobile-Ad-Hoc-Networks

Mobile networks take the communication concept one step further than wireless networks. In these networks, all nodes in the network are assumed to be mobile. These networks are also called mobile ad hoc networks, due to their mobility and random ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Patterns-of-a-Network-Economy-Advances-in-Spatial-and-Network-Economics

Network economics is a new, rapidly developing field. In this volume theoretical and empirical contributions are collected, each deals with different aspects of the network economy. The book assesses networks as a complement to pure market relations ...

162,45 EUR*
Details Multichannel-Optical-Networks-Network-Theory-and-Applications-Band-1

Multichannel Optical Networks Presents research in the field of optical networking. This book focuses on graph-theoretical and algorithmic aspects of optical networks. It is intended for research workers and professionals from mathematics, computer ...

120,20 EUR*
Details Optical-Interconnects-for-Future-Data-Center-Networks-Optical-Networks

Optical Interconnects in Future Data Center Networks" covers optical networks and how they can be used to provide high bandwidth energy efficient interconnects for future data centers with increased communication bandwidth requirements. This ...

36,72 EUR*
Details Axis-Halterung-fr-Kameramontage-M3004-V-Network-Camera-M3004-V-Surveillance-Kit-M3005-V-Network-Camera

Halterung für Kameramontage - für AXIS M3004-V Network Camera, M3004-V Surveillance Kit, M3005-V Network Camera

24,95 EUR*
Details Organizing-Networks-An-Actor-Network-Theory-of-Organizations-Sozialtheorie-Sociology

An Actor-Network Theory of OrganizationsBroschiertes BuchWhat are organizations? Where do they come from? How are they transformed and adapted to new situations? In the digital age and in the global network society, traditional theories of the ...